USA 5$ 2008 Bald Eagle Kultaa

USA 5$ 2008 Bald Eagle Kultaa

The undersigned hereby certifes this coin as a genuine 2008 Bald Eagle Five-Dollar Coin,struck in accordance with legislation passed by Congress and singned by by the President on January 20, 2004, as Public Law 108-486. This coin has been produced by the Department of the Treasury, United States Mint to honor the Bald Eagles´s restoration to America´s waterways and skies, commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, and celebrate the removal of this national symbol from the Endangered Species List. this coin is legal tender of the Unidet States.

Edmund C. Moy, Director, United States Mint

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Paino: 8.359g .900 Kulta

Laatu: Proof

Alkuperäinen USA rahapajanlaatikko ja sertifikaatti.


Kl.9 Erittäin kaunis kappale.

Paino: 33.431 g .900% Kulta

Halkaisija: 34.1mm

1 495,00