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Gold commemorative coins

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Issue date is 3.1.2016.


Now there is a collectors’ collector coin. This is the only Finnish gold coin to be struck in 2014. It commemorates the birth of Finland’s national currency, the markka, and honours scholars and collectors of metal coins. The first Finnish mark was struck in silver at Mint of Finland on 15 October 1864. 

The first silver Finnish mark was minted at Mint of Finland on 15 October 1864. The obverse of the first mark and numismatics gold coin depicts the two-headed Russian eagle, whose heart-shaped heraldic shield bears the lion coat of arms of Finland.

The obverse depicts the two-headed Russian eagle with the lion coat of arms of Finland on the shield at its centre. The oak leaves and decorative ribbon encircling the silver mark’s reverse are repeated on the new ‘First Mark and Numismatics’ collector coin. 

The only Finnish gold coin to be struck in 2014, it commemorates the silver mark and also honours the numismatists who collect and study metal coins.


Nominal value 100 €
Metal Au917
Diameter 22 mm
Weight 5,65 g
Quality Proof
Year stamp 2013
Mintage 6000 (200 numbered)
Designer Reijo Paavilainen
Issue date 17.9.2013
385.00 €

Ag925/Au750 12,8g

Diameter 27,25mm

Mintage 10.600 pcs

Original box & CoA

235.00 €
Delivery weight: 116 g

Weight: 8.64 g .900 Gold.

Diameter: 22,0 mm

Quality: Proof

Mintage max: 15.000, minted 8.500 pcs


299.00 €
Delivery weight: 120 g

Weight: 5,65 g

Metall: .917 Gold

Dialeter: 22 mm

Mintage: 8.000 pcs

Issued: 30.5.2011

Original box with sertificate

349.00 €
Delivery weight: 140 g

Modern. Cosy. Practical. Mint of Finland's design coin celebrates the capital city, Helsinki, as well as Finland as a whole - a country that leads the way in design and planning.

It says something for the high standard of Finnish design that the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design has named Helsinki the 2012 World Design Capital. The collector coin marking this momentous year has been designed by the designer Henna Lamberg.

Mint of Finland is celebrating this landmark year for Finnish design by minting a gold and silver collector coin with a nominal value of 50 euros along with a 5-euro base-metal version.

The gold and silver collector coin is offered in a beautiful gift package. A clear, elegant form and recyclability unite the package with the Mint of Finland family. The coin is truly a gift in this package as the surrounding ribbon gives the entire product the finishing touch.

A growing reputation

Finland is known as an innovative country that offers high-quality education and whose inhabitants can enjoy stunning clean nature. The reputation of Finnish design started to take off in the 20th Century as the renown of Kaj Franck, Saara Hopea, Tapio Wirkkala and other magnificent artists grew.

Finnish and Nordic design trusts in a modern, minimalist style. Modern, stylish practicality is comfortable and makes life pleasant.


Technical data

Nominal value 50 €
Metal Ag 925 (5,8 g)/Au 750 (5 g)
Diameter 27,25 mm
Weight 10,8 g
Mintage 5000
Designer Henna Lamberg
Issue date 3.2.2012
Year stamp 2012
Quality Proof


695.00 €
Delivery weight: 50 g